Carports made in Australia. Come as a pre fabricated kits, commonly known as DIY kit form is located in Sydney,

We are Sydney Carports Manufacturer. Based in the Sutherland Shire. makes Timber Frame Car Ports for the Handy Man to screw together in little time, DIY Carport, Carport Manufacturers, Timber Frame Carports,Timber Carport Specialist.
Carports are an easy way to provide your car with the safety it needs from the natural elements, rain, hail, sun fade, all these factors add to the depreciation of your car, if your car is a daily driver or a treasured collectors car, protecting your car with a carport is a great way of keeping your cars value. Car-port has great Carport Prices, call for a free quote on 04 666 74 186.
We are the Timber Carport Specialist.

Skillion Carports.

The most popular carport is the simple skillion roof design,
the simple carport roof design makes it a popular choice for
the handy man to assemble his new carport in just a few
hours. This usually comes with two post for each beam, the
post are dug deep into the ground about 600mm, this will
stop any winds from carrying your skillion carport away, after
fixing the post the two long beams are secured to the post
with galvanized fixings,the beams for the skillion roof carport
must be fixed on a gradient of at least 1m in 5m this will allow
for water to run off your skillion roof carport, the carport
comes with and easy to follow installation manual,
(instruction manual) this alone makes the skillion carport
a fast and simple install.  After the beams are fixed to the
post the battens or rafters are then put in place to support
the spanning metal roof for the skillion carport, metal roof
sheets will span the complete length of the skillion carport, there fore no joins in the middle so no leaks for your skillion carport. A gutter is fixed in place at the low end of the skillion carport so that the water run off can be collected and channelled away from your Skillion Carport. Although these are not the most attractive looking carports, the Timber Frame that we design our carport with, will add natural feel and desirability to your carport, carport plans are needed for installation of most carports by local council,

Gable Carports,

This is the most attractive of the simple carport designs,Timber carports
Carport Plans will help you install this attractive gem, the attractiveness
of the Gable Carport is the ease of construction, although the
Gable Carport comes with a detailed instruction manual, the installation manual
will rarely be used, this is the easy to install and easy to construct carport,
first start with the placement of the post. These post are to be set out in a
linear line and parrel to each other, a string line will help, make sure you dig
down at least 600mm for each post, to provide a secure footing for your
Gable Carport, after the post have been fixed in place mark the height of the
post to be cut, this is usually 2m above the concrete slab, use a level to cut
the top of the post for your Gable Carport, after the post have been cut lift gable
beams into position and fix to the carport post, using galvanized bugle screws (provided), once the beams of the carport have been fixed in place continue installation with the timber rafters, timber rafters for your carport are first fixed at the carport beams, this will provide maximum, strength to the carports frame until the carport ridge is fixed. when all the carport rafters have been fixed to the carport beam, fix the timber ridge into position by lifting it up under the carport rafters and sliding it into the two opposing carport rafters plumb cuts. if you have set out your carport beams at the correct half span the carport ridge will but up against the plumb cut on each carport rafter. next add the battens that will take the roof sheeting, these are usually placed at 900mm centers, the first on is started at 100mm back from the carport beam, then measure up 900mm centers till you reach the ridge, place one batten at 200mm center down from the plumb cut of the carports rafter, this will allow fixing for the ridge capping, as you fix the roof sheets allow them to overhang 50mm from the outside face of the carports beam. by keeping the roof sheets 50mm over the face of the carports beam you will also keep the roof sheets square to the ridge line, and carports rafters.

Dutch Gable Carports.


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